Saturday, July 10, 2010

365 Movies: Doorway to Suspicion Review

Doorway to Suspicion stars Jeffrey Lynn, Linda Caroll, and Fred Baker in this 1954 film. An American bandleader falls hard for the cold Greta(Carollo). While he acts like a giggling child over his newfound crush over Greta, she remains frozen and cold towards him throughout the film. The American bandleader, Paul Stapleton(Lynn) refuses to listen to his friends, when they advise him, that his relationship with Greta is bad. There never seems like any relationship happens between Lynn and Caroll. Caroll remains stern, cold, and uptight throughout the film, and it makes it very unbelievable that Lynn would be at all attracted to her. His personality instantly lights up, when he smiles, and he makes the film worth watching. Caroll, on the other hand is very boring and her performance in this, is a snooze fest. The film, overall seems so far-fetched and unbelievably bad, that its hard to sit through it. Besides the terrible acting from Caroll, I actually thought that the rest of the cast was pretty good.

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