Saturday, July 10, 2010

365 Movies: The Prestige Review

The Prestige stars Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, and Scarlett Johannsson in this 2006 film. Two rival magicians(Jackman and Bale) become even more bitter, after Robert's(Jackman) wife is accidentally killed during a trick. Deciding revenge is his best medicine, Robert goes directly after Alfred(Bale). It's a good suspense film, that is altogether a little too long for me. The cast is thrilling to watch and it was interesting to watch Bale and Jackman be such enemies toward one another. The reason this is being written now is because, I was in the ER the entire night. We ended up having a tv in the room, so we watched The Prestige. I was in the ER, from about 10:30 to nearly 4:30 in the morning. The doctors have advised me to take an easy and to rest, so I can make a full recovery.

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Tom said...

What happened?

Nicole said...

I was in a car accident on Tuesday night and I've been having problems ever since. I got whiplash and a concussion as a result of the accident.

Emily(bluekygirl) said...

Sorry you were in the ER. I hope you get better soon!
I watched that movie when it come out on DVD a few years ago. I loved the cast but thought it was a little long. It seemed like there were a lot of magician movies that came out around 2006-2007.

Sally said...

Woah! Are you okay?? I hope you recover soon! And I hope they give you some good movies to watch for the short time you're there!