Thursday, July 8, 2010

365 Movies: The Great Race Review

The Great Race stars Jack Lemmon, Natalie Wood, Tony Curtis, Peter Falk, and Keena Wynn in this 1965, Blake Edwards' film. The Great Race starts in New York and ends in Paris, and a slew of crazy characters are determined to win the race. The overly confident one, The Great Leslie(Curtis) believes it is his right to come in first place, while newspaper reporter, Maggie(Wood) is more interested in talking about women's rights than anything else. We also have the dastardly evil, Professor Fate(Lemmon) and his sidekick, Max(Falk) who are determined to beat Leslie. This film is sooooo long! It really didn't need to be so long, and they could have easily cut the film in half. I found Tony to be especially annoying in this, mainly because it seemed like he was reading off cue-cards. While adorable and sweet, Natalie's character didn't really hold much of an interest for me. If Jack wasn't in this film, it would honestly be a horrific film, but he was just so awesome! He was so funny and charismatic, and I loved his "evil laugh". He was the only good part about this movie. The story-line felt very weak to me, and there weren't many laughs in this nearly 3 hour film.

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monty said...

I do agree about the length of the movie..way too long but I still enjoyed it mainly thanks to Jack Lemmon and Natalie Wood.

DKoren said...

But it has the best pie fight ever! And Ross Martin! Those are the two reasons I watch this one.

~*Candy~*~ said...

I recently became a fan of Natalie Wood, since she was the star of the month on TCM for June... I've tried to watch this movie twice, and I just can't make it through. It's entirely too long, I think it's a common Blake Edwards thing. I love Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, and Natalie Wood, but this film just doesn't do it for me :(