Monday, July 5, 2010

365 Movies: My Love Came Back Review

My Love Came Back stars Olivia De Havilland, Jeffrey Lynn, Eddie Albert, Jane Wyman, Charles Winninger, and Spring Byington in this 1940 film. Believing that his employer(Winninger) is having an affair with a young musician, Tony Baldwin(Lynn) tries to keep the "supposed affair" quiet. What he doesn't expect though, is to fall for the young violinist. The young violinist, Amelia(De Havilland) finds the rumors of having an affair with Tony's boss, absolutely stupid, and she tries to dispel them, but more rumors pop out. Its a pretty mellow film but the leads have great chemistry. The supporting players in this film, are absolutely fun to watch. I really loved watching Eddie and Jane as a couple. They were really quite marvelous. Jeffrey was pretty darn awesome, and I honestly haven't seen a movie of his, in a bit, so I thought it was only necessary to treat my need of seeing him in another movie. :)

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Artman2112 said...

definitely a fun, fluffy entertaining picture and i'll watch ANY WB film with Olivia so its all good! i have a vintage one-sheet poster for this hanging in my living room :D