Thursday, July 29, 2010

365 Movies: When Were You Born? Review

When Were You Born stars Anna May Wong, Margaret Lindsay, Charles C. Wilson, Anthoyn Averill, and Jeffrey Lynn in this 1938 film. After an astrologer predicts the death of a wealthy businessman, Mei Lei Ming(Wong) helps find out who killed him. Using astrology, Mei Lei finds out through the suspect's signs, if they are guilty or not. Considering it's a rather unknown and short film, I thought it was pretty fascinating. Using astrology as a way to solve crime is an interesting theory, and I found the film to be pretty good. Anna Mae was the star of the film and she was really wonderful. Jeffrey played the exuberant reporter trying to find more information on the murder, and I thought he was fun to watch, and charming to see in the bit part.

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Artman2112 said...

i saw this film once several years ago and didnt care much for it but i'll watch anything with Margaret Lindsay in it! nice pic of her btw, heheheh that's one of my scans :D

p.s. ty for changing your blogger b/g, that other one gave me a headache, lol!