Friday, July 30, 2010

365 Movies: Waterloo Bridge Review

Waterloo Bridge stars Mae Clarke and Douglass Montgomery in this 1931 film. Ashamed of her profession, Myra(Clarke) finds it extremely difficult to tell Roy(Montgomery) about it, because she's afraid he'll leave her. The two fall in love pretty quickly, but because of Myra's insecurities about her past, the two are unable to create a future together. This is far superior to the 1941 version starring Vivien Leigh and Robert Taylor. Douglass and Mae work so well together, and they are so believable as the heart stricken couple. Before the tragedy between the two began, I really was smiling, every time, they were together. They were so beautiful and charming together. I really preferred this ending as well, because I just feel that it fit better to the story. I'm so glad, that both Douglass and Mae had a chance during their career to be in this movie, because they both do so well in it. It's heart-wrenching to watch them together, but so perfect in the end. Overall, the film is beautiful yet tragic to watch, with a stunning cast as well.

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