Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dirk Bogarde: The Writer

I was going to do a Halloween post for Dirk, but when I was thinking it over, it wasn't really panning out, quite the way I envisioned. So I then though, why not show my readers, another side of Dirk, you might be unfamiliar with- he was a writer. Dirk wrote a total of 17 books, in his lifetime, including autobiographies and novels. He also wrote a few poems as well. Just with his acting, Dirk wrote with such sophistication and wit, it's hard not to be sucked in. When I went looking for his books, I found that a good portion of his books are available to buy on and if you are interested about his other work, go to on info about his career, life, and hobbies. That website is filled with so much amazing things about Dirk! So if you are looking for a book to read, check out some of these titles. You never know, you may really enjoy them!

Snakes and Ladder:

A Postillion Struck by Lightning:

West of Sunset:

Closing Ranks:

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Mercurie said...

I must confess I've never read any of Sir Dirk's books, although I've always wanted to. Those who have done so seem to recommend them highly! BTW, you can still do a Halloween post for Dirk. A review of The Mind Benders would do it. The movie is so frightening it would qualify as psychological horror!