Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stealing Marlo Thomas' Style!

This Halloween, I'm planning on dressing just like Ann Marie aka Marlo Thomas. Here are some shoes and dresses, if you are thinking of dressing up like her too! All the shoes and dresses are from very the cool website-, so if you get some time, do check their gorgeous clothes out!

This part of the series will be be split into two; first I will post some dresses and shoes, that I feel represent Marlo's style perfectly- and then I will post another on her hairstyle and makeup. So I hope you enjoy!
So Very Cherry- $129.99

Just a Peek- $39.99
Ready for Royal- $159.99

Aegyptus Sandal- $27.99

Seaworthy Style- $44.99

Flax Seed Dresss- $59.99

Cute Concerto Dress- $47.99

Down By the Bay- $67.99

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