Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Let Me Prove to You, I Can Act!

During the early start of an actor's career, many people may assume that either the actor can't act or they were meant for one type of role. When Marlo Thomas landed the role of Ann Marie in the 1966 hit show, "That Girl", she was then stereotyped as the career girl, but Ann wanted to break that mold and she did, by playing a variety of different characters. Marlo then went onto several movies and television movies, further expanding her ability as an actress. Here clippings of Marlo from pre-days before "That Girl", during, and after. Enjoy!

Screen Test for "That Girl"

On "Ben Casey"

Season 5 of "That Girl"

"Jenny" with Alan Alda

"It Happened One Christmas"

"Free to Be You and Me"


Although throughout Marlo's career seemed destined to play the cutesy career girl, she did make an impact on television history. Without Marlo embodying the role of Ann Marie, we would have never seen a driven career girl, who wasn't looking to hop into marriage anytime soon, especially during a time, when it was expected. So thanks Marlo, for your fun roles and your truly charismatic performances!

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