Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Let Me Prove to You, I Can Act!

It seemed when Dirk Bogarde started his career, he knew exactly what he was doing. He usually would play the suave well-spoken man, who may have a secret hidden underneath. He always played his characters with such conviction and truth, it was often hard to see anyone else, trying to play that role. Tonight I'll present you some clips of Dirk from his early career, to his later work. Enjoy!

With Jean Simmons in "So Long at the Fair"(1950)

"The Sleeping Tiger"(1954)

With Olivia De Havilland in "Libel"(1958)

With Judy Garland in "I Could Go on Singing"(1963)

With Julie Christie in "Darling"(1965)

"Night Porter"(1970)


When you found out that Dirk Bogarde was going to be in a movie, you knew you would be instantly enchanted by his performance. Whether he played a cad or a wealthy aristocrat, Dirk played each role so well and to his best ability, you knew he wouldn't disappoint.


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Juan Ramos said...

Dirk Bogarde was a fine actor. My favourite movie of his is 'Victim' (1959).