Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Latest of My Obsessions: Snow White

Sorry again, for being M.I.A on here. I've been crazy busy and last week, I started feeling under the weather, but all is well again.

I don't know, if you guys were like me at all, but when I was younger, I absolutely adored Disney princesses. For a long while it was Belle from ''Beauty and the Beast'', but as I got older, I leaned more towards Snow, from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". I don't know, if it's the whole romanticism of the story, or what but I utterly love everything about Snow.

My obsession of the story was rather small, until the show "Once Upon a Time", came out. I was completely awed by the show, and how they portrayed Snow. She wasn't defenseless, or the damsel in distress. She could kick major butt, and it really appealed to me. Of course, I do love the version the Grimm Brothers' created, but I'm really enjoying this newer upgraded version of Snow. She can defend herself, and she's not afraid of the Evil Queen. Of course, I can't deny that I love the romance between Snow and Prince Charming, but even more so, in "Once Upon a Time". After I got hooked on the show(which honestly, I was hooked by the first episode), I was desperate to watch the two movies, that were coming out about Snow. The first one was "Mirror Mirror" starring Lily Collins and Julia Roberts, and the second being, "Snow White and the Huntsman", starring Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart. I was pretty eager to see both, but in all honesty, I'm not a fan at all of Kristen, and after seeing the film, I still don't think she's that great of an actress. They were both very thrilling to watch, and both were very different in telling the story of Snow. The Kristen Stewart version, was a lot darker, while the Lily Collins was bubblier and more kid-friendly. If you are a fan of Snow, I'd recommend watching them both.

All in all, I think my favorite version of Snow is Ginnifer Goodwin's version in "Once Upon a Time". If you haven't seen the show, you ought to. It's thoroughly entertaining!


kate gabrielle said...

I am so glad you got me hooked on Once Upon a Time... I can't wait for it to come back now! :D

I think in the mean time I'll revisit the Disney movie. Have you watched it recently? I wonder how similar the character is to the tv show version!

Mariana said...

I'm a fan of Ginny Goodwin and love that she's playing Snow- she fits the part so well! I've only seen a couple of episodes but I like it- it's very original.
I preferred Snow White & the Huntsman over Mirror, Mirror, though Lilly Collins is more of a Snow White!
I still love Disney princesses, my favourite's Ariel :)

Nicole said...

I'm so happy you like it! I'm so excited for it to come back on. I watched the movie late last year, but I'm definitely going to re-watch it again. It is a little different from the show though.

I do think that Lily Collins was more of a Snow White than Kristen Stewart. Isn't Ginnifer spectacular?? :)

Ariel is pretty awesome as well. :)

Snow White Archive said...

Go Snow! I'm fairly enamored with most manifestations of Snow White, though the 1937 version is my favorite.