Thursday, June 7, 2012

School Teacher in Clover: Part Three

Written by: James Street

Then they really began working him. He did "Yes, My Darling Daughter" and "Daughters Courageous." Next he did a chore in "A Child is Born" and "Four Wives." Mr. Lynn has had a lot to do with women for a bachelor.

Amusingly enough, "The Fighting 69th" followed "Four Wives." His role in "It All Came True" was sappy, but he was a top hand in "All This, and Heaven Too." It was the "Heaven" picture that Mr. Lynn a star. America went a bit daffy over him in "My Love Came Back." Many people wondered why.

A fan in St. Joseph, Missouri, explained it in a letter to Lynn. "I am so glad," she wrote, "there is an actor on the screen who is handsome yet real." With the foreign market Hitlerized, there is a wholesome demand for American players with American background working in American stories. Mr. Lynn fills the bill. He's as New England as beans and cod.

Mr. Lynn enjoys reading and he writes for his own amusement. He could write for everybody's amusement if he'd do a job about slimsy dodads. He has a hunch he can write better scripts for himself than those the galley slaves turn out.

"Hollywood," Mr. Lynn said, "is a funny place."(That's an original idea and a possible plot for a screenwriter.) "Don't let them tell you that movie-making is the chief business here. The chief business is falling in and out of love. But, boy, I fooled 'em! I went to live in the prosaic Hollywood Athletic Club. I didn't buy me a long, yellow roadster, and I didn't fall in love the first day I got here--- unless you're talking about the place itself."

He is one of eight children and has a strong home feeling.

Some people say Mr. Lynn is a stick-in-the-mud, but actually he's gentle, sensitive, well bred.

"My friend here accuse me of not knowing how to live," he said. "They say I take things much too seriously, don't know how to enjoy myself, and don't have enough vices.

"When I'm working, I never go out anywhere. I got to bed early every night, don't drink, and keep fit by working out with a Swedish trainer at the Athletic Club. I like outdoor sports, too. Last Summer I was burned black from sailing a little boat I used to rent down at Santa Monica.

"I seldom smoke. I give a pack of my cigarettes to my stand-in, one to the script-girl, and one to Pat Lane's hairdresser, and they dole them out to me, one cigarette after each meal.

"It's funny that if you yourself don't drink, people ---- especially the Irish------ think it's an implied reproof of their drinking. I don't frown on drinking as long as I don't have to do it myself.

"I frown on gambling, and I frown on cocktail parties----- I had enough of those in New York. And the cheap way Hollywood men have of discussing women, commenting on their figures, swapping anecdotes about them."

"But I love to dance. I like the rumba best. Tango is all right, too. But I'm not a jitterbug. Not that I dislike them! It's just a form of self-expression, people finding a release for their emotions. We all have desires for exhibitionism."

Mr. Lynn has reached the age where if he intends to settle down he had better do something about it. A few more years and he'll be sot in his ways. He is looking for a wife with whom he can rear a family in what Hollywood calls the "old New England manner."

I don't know the difference in rearing a family in the old New England manner and in the old California manner. Really, families are still reared the same way everywhere. a man who has worked in all of those "Daughter" things, and those "Born" things, as Mr. Lynn has, knows enough about life to rear a family. If he doesn't, he can still buy a book.

Mr. Lynn's present steady is Dana Dale, an actress over at Paramount. He says it is not a studio romance.

They see each other often. They dance a lot, but seldom at night-clubs. She thinks Mr. Lynn is very honest and has a delightful sense of humor. He likes to rib people and she says he can take a ribbing with good grace. Miss Dale thinks Warners has made Mr. Lynn an eccentric and rather weak character in pictures. She says he's really a very strong character.
Miss Dale is a rather tall, brunette and certainly not a slimsy caryatid. Her real name is French.

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