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75th Anniversary of "Four Daughters"

On August 9th 1938, the film "Four Daughters was released to great success and this year marks its 75th anniversary. To be completely honest with you I had forgotten about it until I realized it last night while I was watching "Algiers"(1938) and thought wow Algiers is 75 years old and then I thought holy crap that means Four Daughters is 75 as well! Wow! Isn't that crazy?? Funny enough Algiers came out just 4 days earlier. So I thought I would do a bit trivia on one of my favorite films to share with you guys and then maybe you too will be tempted to watch the film as well.


Priscilla Lane as Ann Lemp
Jeffrey Lynn as Felix Dietz
John Garfield as Mickey Borden
Claude Rains as Adam Lemp
Rosemary Lane as Kay Lemp
Lola Lane as Thea Lemp
Gale Page as Emma Lemp
May Robson as Aunt Etta
Frank McHugh as Ben Crowley
Dick Foran as Ernest Talbot

Directed by:
Michael Curtiz

The film was nominated for 5 Academy Award Nominations. They were for Best Picture, Best Director (Michael Curtiz), Best Supporting Actor (John Garfield), Best Adapted Screenplay, and Sound Recording. The film lost four out of the five nominations that they were up for.

The film was so popular that two more sequels were released including "Four Wives"(1940) and "Four Mothers"(1941). It was also remade in 1954 titled "Young at Heart" starring Doris Day and Frank Sinatra. The remake was made into a musical and made over $2 million at the box office.

John Garfield based his character Mickey Borden on pianist Oscar Levant.

The film was based on Fannie Hurst's novel "Sister Act". Fannie Hurst also wrote the book "Imitation of Life" which was made into two films; one in 1934 starring Claudette Colbert, and the other being released in 1959 starring Lana Turner.

"Four Daughters" launched John Garfield's career in Hollywood and he started role of the rebel with no cares. Other stars would later be inspired by John Garfield's style of acting such as Montgomery Clift, Marlon Brando, and James Dean.

John Garfield, Priscilla Lane, Jeffrey Lynn, Rosemary Lane, and Lola Lane all reprised their roles on Lux Radio Theater on December 18th 1939. Jeffrey Lynn was the only star that had previously been on Lux Radio; the other actors were newcomers.

Although Jeffrey Lynn never made it as a A-list star, he did act alongside some of the most popular stars of the time such as Bette Davis, Elizabeth Taylor, Ronald Reagan, Humphrey Bogart, and James Cagney.

Before hitting it big in "Four Daughters", the Lane Sisters were a popular singing group. The Lane Sisters consisted of Leota Lane, Priscilla Lane, Lola Lane, and Rosemary Lane. There was another sister Martha but she chose not to go into show business.

So there are some facts for you guys and gals! Hope you all enjoyed! Happy 75th Anniversary "Four Daughters"!

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