Friday, September 27, 2013

Best Friend Appreciation Week: Sarah

Yes I do realize I'm posting this much later than anticipated but I was horribly busy these past couple of weeks. I haven't had time to myself in a while and when I do I just lounge around watching episodes of Breaking Bad, New Girl, or The Mindy Project. I'm too tired to do anything else but lounge around. So now onto my post about my dear friend Sarah! Here are just a few reasons as to why she's so amazingly cool and awesome! Enjoy!

1. Her music taste! She has excellent taste in music and I completely adore. She loves musicians such as The Mamas and The Papas, Simon and Garfunkel, Janis Joplin, Fleetwood Mac, The Doors, and Lesley Gore. Isn't her music taste amazing???

2. Her witty sense of humor. Her sense of humor is too funny! Whenever I'm on twitter and she posts, I get instantly happy. She always says the funniest most sarcastic things.

3. Her love for mugs and diners! So yeah I know that this is a weird one but I love when I hear about other people's interests/obsessions and I think Sarah's love for mugs and diners is so neat. I just want to go to diners now and get her a mug because she collects them. I think it's such a nifty interest!

4. NATALIE WOOD!! Sarah loves Natalie Wood more than anyone I know and because of her adoration for Natalie; I grew to love her as well. Really who doesn't love Natalie Wood????

5. Her blog! I don't always get around to commenting on blogs (in fact I rarely do) but I always always read her blog! Her posts are funny, ingenious, and creative. Again I'll say it, I love her witty and sarcastic style even on her blog. She's one of my favorite bloggers and one of my dear friends as well.

6. Her love for the 1960's! Not only does Sarah love the music from the 1960's but she's also devoted to the time period. She loves the style from the late 60's, as well as the movies and stars. If it weren't for Sarah and Kate, I probably wouldn't have dived in to researching more about that time. Now I just love it, all thanks to them!

Well there you have it! All of my best friends! I hope you all enjoyed! :D


Sarah said...

ah Nicola! THE MUGS!!! You guys really do know me well ;D This put a huge grin on my face! <3

Nicola Michele said...

Yaaaaaay!!! I'm so glad!!!! :D