Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sorry for the wait, my dears


Sorry for being missing in action lately but I've been pretty busy lately and besides that, I've gotten quite distracted lately. Nearly every time, I had plans in writing a blog, I would always get sidetracked by something else. Has that happened to you or am I the only one? I hope I'm not the only one. Anywho, onto answering some questions that you gals asked for the Bachelors for my Old Hollywood Dating Game. Now if you recall, last week I posted the blog post on Marsha Hunt and her mystery dates. Well here are the answers from the bachelors.

Kate Gabrielle asked- Question for Bachelor #1: Did you ever star in a film with Susan Hayward?

Question for Bachelor #2: Did you ever direct episodes of Alfred Hitchcock presents when you went behind the camera?

Question for Bachelor #3: Were you a serious dramatic actor or a comedian?


Bachelor #1- Unfortunately I never had the oppurtunity to be in a film with Susan Hayward, a main reason was because we were at different studios. We did though test for the same film but neither of us were able to get the roles, we tested for because of either of inexperience or because our popularity wasn't as big as the people who got the roles.

Bachelor #2- I never did direct episodes of Alfred Hitchcock presents though I did direct an episode of General Electric Theater.

Bachelor #3- I was a serious dramatic actor but I did have some roles that were very light.

Wendymoon asked-

Bachelor #1 -- Complete this sentence: I've never told anyone this before, but...

Bachelor #2 -- If we could travel anywhere in the world, where would we go, and what would we do?

Bachelor #3 -- If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?


Bachelor #1- I've never told anyone this before, but I was once engaged to actress, Margaret Hayes.

Bachelor #2- You and I would travel to the old country and we would explore the country and meet my folks.

Bachelor #3- I would be a pine tree because I look like an outdoor, woodsy type.

Millie asks-

#1 Do you like to sing?

#2 How do you feel about tofu?

#3 Do cats annoy you?


Bachelor #1- I am not a professional singer but I have sung in some of my movies.

Bachelor #2- I am not a fan of tofu, I prefer meat.

Bachelor #3- I don't mind cats but I prefer to spend my time with people.

Lotten asks-

Bachelor #1: Would you prefer a successful, outgoing woman - or a responsible housewife?

Bachelor #2: Were you born in St. Petersburg?

Bachelor #3: What is your personal opinion of Bachelor #1 and #2?


Bachelor #1- I think I would much rather prefer a responsible housewife rather than a successful housewife.

Bachelor #2- No I wasn't born in St.Peterburg, though I was born in Europe.

Bachelor #3- This is my first chance of meeting either of them but they seem like decent people.

Casey asks-

Question for Bachelor #1: Are any of your family members in the acting business?

Bachelor #2: Do you like solving mysteries?

Bachelor #3: What do you think of garlic?


Bachelor #1- I am the only one in my family, who is in show business.

Bachelor #2- I have done several mystery films and I enjoyed solving them.

Bachelor #3- I don't mind it.

So there you have it, make sure you ask more questions because I'm hoping to keep the questioning part going for another round until you decide the lucky guy, who is going to date Marsha Hunt. Thanks to everyone, who had asked the questions, so give the bachelors more questions and they will gladly answer. Ta-Ta for now!


Sarah Mann said...

'how do you feel about tofu?'
HAHAHAH oh Millie.
And you are not alone by getting sidetracked! I've been getting distracted for 16 years, story of my life. :)

Meredith said...

i'm with you on getting distracted, so no worries there!

Hmm, three questions....

What would be your preferred spot for a romantic getaway?

Do you have any children from previous marriages?

Do you prefer to go out to the many Hollywood hot spots or stay in with a few close friends?

Millie said...

Hahaha, this is great Nicole!

Oh, darn. I love tofu! *crosses out #2* ;-D

I have three more questions:

#1 Do you enjoy watching your own films over and over?

#2 Are you sure you don't like tofu? JK! JK!

Really: Were you born in Great Britain?

#3 Did you prefer the serious dramatic work or the light roles?

Lolita of the Classics said...

Okay, more questions:

1: Are you from Austria?

2: Have you played in any famous crime dramas?

3: What decade is your "golden age"? I.e, when were you at your greatest?

NoirGirl said...

I'm always getting sidetracked w/ my blog. I'm even sidetracked on visiting and commenting right now. Grr!

These answers didn't come out how I thought they would! Now I have to rethink..

B#1: When did you make your first film?

B#2: Are you an inventor?

B#3: Were you ever married to Ann Sheridan?

AbbyNormal said...

I am obviously too late for this, but I wanted to say it is great! I have enjoyed reading it and this was a wonderfully creative idea for your blog! Brilliant!