Thursday, December 24, 2009

365 Movies: Christmas in July Review

Christmas in July stars Dick Powell, Ellen Drew, and William DeMarest in this Preston Sturges' comedy. The film is about a young couple, who are in money troubles but hope and pray that a contest will bring them, the money they feel they deserve. Dick Powell's Jimmy MacDonald is mistakenly announced as the winner and ends up going on a money spree because he believes he is the winner of the contest. Though the film was wonderful to watch, I felt it wasn't as great as Preston Sturges' other films such as "The Miracle of Morgan's Creek" or "The Lady Eve". I'd also like to add though, any movie that Preston Sturges directed or produced makes me want to watch over and over again. Maybe, it's because I'm extremely tired and my attention isn't completely there or maybe I'm just not interested, who knows but I will definitely give this movie a second chance.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!! :D

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monty said...

Yes should definitely see it again. I agree it's not of Sturges top films but it is still pretty good. Give it a second chance. I watched it last night on TCM and still liked it from many years ago. Anyway keep up the good posting and Merry Christmas.