Sunday, December 20, 2009

365 Movies: Scaramouche Review

Scaramouche stars Stewart Granger, Eleanor Parker, Janet Leigh, and Mel Ferrer. The film is about a man named Andre Moreau(played by Stewart), who after witnessing his brother's killing, seeks revenge on the man who committed the killing, Noel(played by Mel). Being untrained in fencing, Andre trains to avenge his brother's death. In the midst of the film, Andre is involved with a woman named Leonore(played by Eleanor),who is in love with Andre but fed up with the way, things are turning out, Leonore often times gets temperamental and angry with him. He also gets involved with a young woman named Aline de Gavrillac de Bourbon(played by Janet) but in the beginning, his heart belongs to Leonore. As the film progresses, his love for the fiery Leonore soon fizzles, and his love for Aline heats up. The film is very well organized and keeps you entertained from beginning to end. I loved seeing Mel play the villain in the film and thought his performance was quite extraordinary. This was the first movie, I had seen Stewart Granger in, and I quite liked him in it. I thought he played the role of Andre Moreau, excellently. Eleanor was marvelous as the fiery redheaded Leonore, and her performances are always wonderful to see. I wasn't too happy with the ending of the film but overall, it was a very entertaining film to watch.

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Lolita said...

Oh, this sounds like an interesting costume drama! A really dramatic drama, from the sound of it ;) I'll have to do some IMDb search on it...
Oh, Meet Me in St. Louis! That's the Christmas spirit!