Friday, January 22, 2010

365 Movies: The Bride Wore Red Review

The Bride Wore Red stars Joan Crawford, Franchot Tone, and Robert Young in this drab 1937 film. The film is about a poor singer Anni(Crawford), who is thrown away from her dreary and depressing life into a life filled with riches and adventures. Along the adventure, she meets two men- one being the postman Giulio(Tone) and the other being a rich and charming man named Rudi(Young). The film dragged so much, it was really hard to sit there and watch it. It felt awkward watching Tone as the postman. It just didn't feel right with him or Young in the movie. That's not a movie either of them were good at. Crawford... was well Crawford. Now don't get the idea, that I hate Crawford because I don't but when it hit the mid to the late 1930's, Joan changed completely. She wasn't the same adorable and sweet natured Joan, that we were use to seeing in her early films. From mid to late 1930's, Joan was in a lot of awful movies such as this one and The Ice Follies of 1939. It's like when you watch these movies, it's hard to imagine the old Joan Crawford. Her style and persona changed drastically from those times and that's why I have a love/hate relationship with her. For the movie, I'd skip it if I were you.

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Just heard about Jean Simmons passing away.

~Another legend gone, May She Rest in Peace~

January 31st 1929 - January 22nd 2010


Princess Fire and Music said...

I was watching The Catered Affair right before this, and I debated keeping the TV on but decided to go run some errands. Thanks for letting me know I made the right choice.

Maggie said...

I too watched part of it. I was surprised to see that Dorothy Arzner directed it, yet it made very few points about women nor make the women look glamorous. Don't even get me started about Joan's proto-Ninotchka hairdo.

Miss McCrocodile said...

I didn't really dislike it. From the first 20 minutes or so I thought it would be a more "Pygmalion" type of film. But remember she had already learned how to act like a lady from watching movies. I was surprised how serious in tone it became. The louse Robert Young continuing to break his fiancee's heart and Joan ready to give up love for security. I thought Franchot Tone was charming as the "content" postman. While I'm not going to hunt down the DVD, I'm certainly glad I saw it.