Thursday, March 4, 2010

365 Movies: Accent on Youth Review

Accent on Youth stars Herbert Marshall, Sylvia Sidney, and Phillip Reed in this 1935 film. The film is about middle aged playwright, Steven Gaye(Marshall) who writes his first drama, after a successful run of writing comedies. His loyal and young secretary, Linda Brown(Sidney) is madly in love with him but his arrogance gets in between the two of them. He believes he's too old for her, while she doesn't care about the age difference between them. Dickie Reynolds(Reed), an actor in the play comes between Steven and Linda and creates a rift between the two. I built this movie up so much, expecting it to be an excellent and worthwhile film but I was sadly wrong. The film was all over place, with the romance between Linda and Steven, and Linda and Dickie thrown around. Both Dickie and Steven are quite unlikable characters but you seem to feel more sympathy towards Dickie because his feelings for Linda never change. Steven is so unsure about himself and Linda, that most of the time, he's alone. It couldn't find a solid ground to stand on and was usually all over the place. If the storyline had more work done to it, I really believe it would have been better. A definite disappointment, even with such talented actors as Marshall, Sidney, and Reed.

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