Friday, March 5, 2010

365 Movies: Merrily We Go to Hell Review

Merrily We Go to Hell stars Sylvia Sidney and Fredric March in this 1932 film. The film is about alcoholic columnist Jerry Corbett who tangles himself up into a life of misery. Trying to pull him out his dreary life, is high society gal, Joan Prentice, who loves him unconditionally. She tries with all of her might to help him but when she feels, that nothing is helping, the only thing she knows to do is to leave. Joan goes into the marriage to Jerry, thinking he'll do a complete 180, but when that doesn't occur, Joan learns to grow up. This was rather unexpected for me to be honest. I thought it would be mildly good but what I got, was far more. It was dramatic, without being cheesy. The love that Joan has for Jerry is astonishing to watch and you know, it breaks her to see him like that. The ending really surprised me, I wasn't at all expecting that! Sylvia and Fredric were perfectly matched in this movie. I'd say it starts off as a comedy but dwells into a dramatic film, after they are married.

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