Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sylvia Sidney: An Effortless Beauty

I felt it was time, to post something other than my "365 Movies" for today, so I thought about some pic spam of one of the loveliest actresses to grace the screen. Of course, I'm speaking of Sylvia Sidney. To me, Sylvia Sidney was one of the most beautiful actresses and it never seemed she tried hard to be pretty. She was just naturally pretty and that's what made her so appealing. So before, I spam it up with pictures of Sylvia, my question to you is who do you think was naturally beautiful in Old Hollywood?


Sally said...

Wow! She was gorgeous! I've only seen her in "Follow the Fleet" and they seem to work hard to make her look plain, which is always so silly to me. I think of Cyd Charisse as naturally beautiful. I also think Gloria de Haven was really beautiful. Great post!

Maggie said...

I think you are thinking of Harriet Hilliard in Follow the Fleet.

My great-grandma looked just like Sylvia Sidney. If I can get my mitts on an old picture of her, I will definitely share it. She introduced me to 30s films, so watching a Sylvia Sidney film is like having her with me again.

Artman2112 said...

i've always liked her "elfin" beauty as i call it. lasyt year at a used book store i found a book called "sylvia Sydney Needlepoint Book" and thought, is it THE Sylvia Sidney?? and sure enough it was and even better it was SIGNED inside! price out the door $.95!!!

i wont list all the actresses that i think are beautiful but i do agree with Sally, Cyd was stunning!

Quirky Character said...

I wonder if she's good in "Madame Butterfly." I bought the disk, but haven't seen it yet. I bought it because of Cary Grant, of course.

sanjeet said...

I also think Gloria de Haven was really beautiful. Great post!
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