Monday, June 28, 2010

365 Movies: The More the Merrier Review

The More the Merrier stars Jean Arthur, Joel McCrea, and Charles Coburn, in this 1943 George Stevens film. Because of housing shortage in Washington D.C., career girl Connie(Arthur) feels its her patriotic duty, to have half of her apartment up for rent. What she expects to get is a woman to share the apartment with, but instead its an older gentleman, that goes by the name of Benjamin Dingle(Coburn). Mr. Dingle is a rather daffy character, but he means well, and the two try to stay out of one another's way, which doesn't really work to well. While Connie's off at work, Mr. Dingle decides to rent, half of his room to a young fellow named Joe Carter(McCrea), who is just looking for a place to stay for the weekend, but he gets more out of it, than he expects. It is just about the loveliest, funniest, most adorable movie, I've seen. This is definitely in my top favorite movies, and for good reason. The direction of the film is utterly wonderful, and the acting and story-line mesh so well together, it's magic! Jean and Joel are beautifully fun to watch, and Charles in the mix of it all, makes this one of the best movies ever! Such an enjoyably fun and romantic film!

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Kate said...

I love love love this movie. There are so many parts that are so hilarious and cute! :D

Millie said...


I once watched it three times in a RIGHT IN A ROW.

It just never gets old! And Jean + Joel is so adorable! And Charles Coburn is so great!

Ahh! Now I want to see it! I need to buy it, instead of always checking it out from the library! Haha!

theduckthief said...

My favourite part of this film is the walk home from the restaurant when the two of them are a bit tipsy!

Audrey said...

Yes! I LOVE this movie. It is just so awesome from start to finish. And the whole premise of the housing shortage is just so great because it was a very real situation that is taken to its comedic-best heights. In my opinion, that's often the basis for a wonderful comedy. And Joel + Jean together are amazing.