Saturday, June 26, 2010

365 Movies: The Virgin Queen Review

The Virgin Queen stars Bette Davis, Richard Todd, and Joan Collins in this 1955 film. Walter Raleigh(Todd) is determined to propose an idea to Queen Elizabeth(Davis) of going on an expedition to the new world. Their relationship starts off rocky, but the Queen soon falls for the dashing Raleigh. Raleigh though doesn't have the same feelings, and he is in a secretive marriage with a young ward- Beth(Collins) and the two try to keep everything hush hush in hopes of neither of them, getting in any danger. I thought this film was solely going to be a historical drama, but I found there to be quite a lot of humor and romance in it. Richard and Joan are so so so lovely to watch together. They have the rapport and they look so perfect together. Even though, the "star" of this movie is Bette, I felt that entire movie, was centered around Richard and Joan. Overall, not a bad film, considering I usually steer away from this genre.

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