Saturday, July 31, 2010

365 Movies: Strange Bargain Review

Strange Bargain stars Jeffrey Lynn, Martha Scott, and Harry Morgan in this 1949 film. After loosing his job, Sam(Lynn) doesn't expect to hear from his ex-employer again, but he does. He wants Sam to make his suicide look like a murder, in order for his family to live comfortably. Sam is hesitate about doing it, but when he has no way out, he has to do it. This is a B film, but it was a very captivating and interesting film. Lynn is perfect as the nervous and anxious bookkeeper, and he does the role excellently. This is far more Lynn's film, than Scott's film. She just kind of prances around, looking pretty, and worrying about her husband. I liked Morgan as the Lieutenant; I thought he was quite good. I felt that the ending had a nice twist, that I honestly wasn't expecting.

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