Sunday, August 1, 2010

365 Movies: Love Crazy Review(THE FINAL FILM)

Love Crazy stars William Powell, Myrna Loy, Jack Carson, Gail Patrick, and Florence Bates in this 1941 film. On their fourth wedding anniversary, what starts off as a nostaglic and humorous walk back into their first anniversary, nearly ends in divorce, when Stephen(Powell) is found hanging out with another woman(Patrick). Still in love with Stephen, but unable to deal with the supposed affair, Susan(Loy) decides divorce is the only option. Stephen doesn't want to let Susan go, because he knows deep down, she still loves him, and so he decides that the only way, to keep his wife, is to act a little(okay a LOT!) crazy. Susan catches on pretty quickly, that its an act, but no one else seems too, which causes more complications for Stephen in the end. This was such a perfect movie to end, the series with. It had the perfect mixture misture of humor and romance in it, with my all-time favorite on-screen couple. Loy and Powell are so magentic and charming towards each other, its often hard to notice anyone else is on the screen. There were so many moments in this movie, that I was cracking up. Delightfully goofy and fun, and it had me in stitches, the whole time.

I had felt that, I had to end the series with a Myrna Loy movie, seeing as the first film, that I watched for the series, was Manhattan Melodrama. So what began with Loy, ended with Loy. Thanks to everyone who joined in on the fun during this series. Within, the next few days, I'll be adding the good, the bad, and the ugly movies, that I've seen throughout the series and I'll also be adding my top 5 favorites as well. This has been such a fun series and I hope that, I get to do something, like this, again soon!

Thanks for tuning into the 365 Movies Series!

AUGUST 1ST 2009 - AUGUST 1ST 2010

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VKMfan said...

Wow - a LOT of reviews...Great work, Nicole!!!

I check out a LOT of your reviews, and probably should be commenting a bit more on them - I have been wanting to watch a LOT more classic movies as well - this setup has helped 'prod' my memory of movies I need to hunt well as 'piquing' my interest regarding other films to watch which I had not been aware of before.

Hope you continue blogging, no matter the topic - a Myrna Loy site would rock! I dig a LOT of the older actresses!!! Bottom line, I'm just an average dude who loves the classic grace, style, and beauty of the 'golden era' actresses... and will just NEVER be another era like that, unfortunately...:-( ...but at least we have access to a lot of the killer movies they were in!

Again, thanks for your 'daily review' - it has aided tremendously!

Keep It Gingery, Nicole!!!