Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rest in Peace Elliott Reid

Whenever I hear of the passing of an actor or actress from the golden era of Hollywood, my heart breaks. I just now found out about one of my favorite character actors passing away on June 21st 2013. His name was Elliott Reid and while many don't know of his name, he always left an impression on me. I first saw the actor in the widely popular film "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" with Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell. He had a very James Stewart look to him, and his approach in acting was an every man, which I found appealing because I felt that the audience could relate to him more. I then saw him in a stellar film called "Vicki" with Jeanne Crain, where he excelled in the role of Steve Christopher. It was an excellent film noir and quite honestly one of my favorites. Just not that long ago, I had a goal to try and watch as many movies of his as I could but I don't think I got to far with that. I think I'm going to try my hand on that again and do it in part of in remembrance of his memory and his superb talent. Elliott Reid, you will be
greatly missed! 

Must See Elliott Reid Films:

"The Thrill of It All"
"Move over Darling"
"The Absent Minded Professor"
"Inherit the Wind"
"Gentleman Prefer Blondes"
"Young Ideas"

~January 16th 1920 - June 21st 2013~ 


Bunny Moreno said...

Oh I loved his work! Or rather-I love his work! 93 is a beautiful age to go...bless him! xox

Millie said...

I hadn't heard about this! :-(

I love Elliot Reid. He always played the best slimy jerks! (And, I mean that in the best way!) I adore him in The Absentminded Professor and Son of Flubber especially!