Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Best Friend Appreciation Week: Casey

So the series continues on with my dear friend Casey. Just like Kate, Sarah, and Millie, I've known Casey for nearly five years! I still can't believe it's been this long but I'm so thankful to have her as well as Millie, Kate, and Sarah as my best friends. Time to begin on why I think Casey is splendidly wonderful!

1. Her amazingly awesome sense of style! Just like Kate, Casey has impeccable taste in style. Her style is very reminiscent to styles from the 1940's and she rocks every look she wears. Check out her amazing style on her instagram. You will be in awe!

2. Her taste in tv shows. I just love how unique and cool Casey's taste in tv shows is. She loves everything from White Collar, to Sons of Anarchy, to Once Upon A Time, to Breaking Bad. She loves all types of shows and I think that's amazingly cool. Thanks to her I've decided to start watching Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy. :)

3. She's a workaholic! I mean she really is!! When she's working she's a dedicated and patience employee but when she's off of work, she still keeps herself busy. She rarely procrastinates and never puts things off. She gets things done right away without hesitation and I so wish I had the same trait as she does.

4. Her looooove for Douglas Fairbanks Jr. When I first met Casey nearly five years ago, her main man was DFJ. I wasn't too familiar with him at the time but thanks to her I learned so much about him and I even read his autobiography. Every time I see or hear the name of DFJ, I immediately think of dear Casey.

5. Her incredible skills for being so darn creative. The girl is so good at sewing and crafts such as that, that I'm now tempted to learn how to do things like that. I just love her creativity in practically everything she does(the same goes with Kate!)

6. Her concern for others before herself. Just like the other ladies, she helped me out tremendously and was so supportive throughout everything. I don't think I will ever be able to properly thank her for all the kindness and sweetness she has given me last year and throughout the years we've known each other. She is one of the most caring people and she always puts others before herself. She is incredibly selfless and I wish more people could be more like her. I am truly honored in having her as one of my best friends.

I will be posting my next best friend post tomorrow! Until then... :)

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Raquel Stecher said...

Casey is so talented and so stylish. Love her Instagram!