Monday, September 2, 2013

Best Friend Appreciation Week: Kate Gabrielle

Best Friend Appreciation Week starts and I just wanted to take this opportunity to gush to all you guys and gals about my amazing friends. I couldn't possibly imagine having better friends than these four girls and I definitely feel lucky to consider them my nearest and dearest friends. I first wanted to start off with my dear friend Kate and why I consider her to be one of my best friends. Soooo here are five reasons why she is so brilliantly awesome. :)

1. Her love of Disney! I love being able to talk to someone who is just as crazy about Disney as I am. Plus I kind of got her obsessed with ABC show "Once Upon a Time", which has fairy-tale characters. As we all know fairy tales and Disney go hand and hand and I love that I can gush (or obsessively talk about it to her). 

2. Her incredible kindness! When I went through all of my health issues last year and some this year, she was basically right there for me. If we lived closer I bet she would have visited me. Lol She's so kind especially during that horrible time that she sent a care package(as well as Casey and Sarah!) to me that lifted my spirits up tremendously! 

3. She's an animal lover! I've never seen anyone(aside from myself and my Mom) who is so adoring of their pets. When she talks about her cats, she's talking about her family. I feel exactly the same way with my pets and I will be the first to admit that when I lose a pet, I break down. They really become a part of your family and I love that she is so compassionate towards animals. 

4. Her love for classic movies. Thanks to Kate, I've been intoduced to so many actors/actresses and movies and I absolutely love it. If it weren't for Kate, I wouldn't know who Dirk Bogarde was(funny enough in 2010 for Summer Under the Stars, he was on August 10th which is my birthday and where she discovered him!) or the movies "So Long at the Fair" or "Sunday in New York"(both films I adore to pieces!!)

5. Her artwork!!

SHE'S BRILLIANT! Do I really need to say more????????

6. Her love/passion for science. Although I'm not much into science, I love to hear of other people's interest even if they differ from mine. I love that Kate is so passionate about outer space and dinosaurs, and I feel I've learned quite a bit from her interests. 

7. Her exquisite style! This girl can dress and she looks amazing each and every time! Just take a gander! 

Again, need I say more???

I could go on and on about how awesome Kate is but then this post would be ever so long. Hope you all enjoyed and I shall be posting my next best friend blog post up either tomorrow or on Wednesday so keeps your eyes peeled. :) 

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Raquel Stecher said...

I've always admired how thoughtful and talented Kate is. This is a very sweet post!